How I can create a game without playing in Microsoft VisualBasic 6.0

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I was born and grow up in a small village; the internet is a luxury. I used to only watch my friends play games such as MU, Audition,… But Audition was the best game of our children at that time. We loved it, because it was easy to play, good music and suitable for boys and girls. So I wondering why I don’t create that game and play offline at home, that is a reason why I make it

First of all, I asked my friend to know how to play Audition game. It is a game in which players can play with 4 arrows buttons or 8 buttons with the number pad on music background. Besides, players have to have good eyes and fast fingers to catch a Perfect point on the screen with the space button. When I know the rules of that game, I started very first line codes

When I was a student in secondary school, I created the first version with basic features that players played with 4 arrows buttons, music background, and Perfect feature. The first user was my friend; he tried my game and he really loved my game. He gave me some advice to upgrade the new version. I updated my game with 8 arrows buttons and had a dancing person GIF file. I wrote the next version when I was a student in high school; this version can have 2 players at the same time. On the keyboard, I split into 2 parts, 1 player play on ADWS to play, and other play on arrow key on the right side. It was very fun because I can play with my friend with own music we love and play offline. I also wrote a post to technical paper; they posted it with a little money to me and I had many users. They send me a lot of emails and make a friend with me on Yahoo Messenger. I really really love it because I can make something to everyone

This is one of many reasons I selected to become a developer. I think the big motivation is that I create a valuation for everyone and it makes me happy to do that

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