How I become a developer with Visual Basic 6.0

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Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 was a famous IDE in the 1990s. It uses easily, drags and drops view, and build exe file to run on Windows without any Framework like .NET. I had good memories with it

The first my Hello World program is a dialog with the “Hi” message. I drag the button from Toolbox to Windows on the screen -> I double click on the button to show code editor -> I write “MsgBox Hi” -> I click Play button on IDE to build and run app -> It was amazing (I thought so) -> It showed the windows with the button exactly -> I click button -> It showed a dialog with “Hi” message -> It was amazing second times (I thought so)

I learned from my older brother’s Visual Basic book and I found some source code examples from Microsoft in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 folder. When the Internet became popular, every Internet store had to install Yahoo Messenger, I knew the forum – for people interest and love VB. Whenever I had free time, I accessed that forum to download and saved a lot of page on that forum and read offline later, because I don’t have enough time and money to stay at Internet store

The first application I was completely that is a music player called “Tan Nhac”. It can play music, search file, and a special feature is that play mp3 file with image animation. I cloned skin from the Windows Media Player.
I send my application to my friend by floppy disk (I called “Disc A”).

It was incredible emotion, I could build my own application that users ran!

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